On any given day at least a dozen Conferences take place in India. Probably, a hundred if you count them from the news that comes from the English speaking countries alone. If you add up training, orientation, induction, exposure… type of gatherings, the numbers might run into hundreds in India alone. But let us not count them all and take only the serious Conferences. There is a huge qualitative difference between the Conferences organised by RightFOLIO and all those that are routinely held by many universities, business schools, and trade and industry bodies.

This is what distinguishes our Conferences from the other conference-like gatherings.

  • Our Conferences avoid the boring Speech/Lecture format and give more space for interactive sessions. For we feel that the participants have equally significant insights as do the panelists/speakers.
  • Our Conferences give participants an opportunity to engage with new ideas, challenge them, sharpen the presented ideas, compare their own practices with those of others, arrive at new and better practices.
  • Our Conferences have the participants’ knowledge needs as the primary focus. The content is planned around them.
  • We do diligent home work, in order to understand what exactly are the present day concerns of a particular domain, what could be the knowledge gaps that exist for the busy practitioner, and who could fill those gaps.
  • We draw our panelists/speakers with utmost care to suit the participants’ requirements.
  • We design the Conference so that the participants save a lot of reading time.
  • We are focused on one objective: that you leave the Conference better equipped to add value to what you have been doing and improve the performance of your company.
  • And above all, they enable you to build lasting and mutually enriching relationships with people in your domain as well as across domains.
  • Without doubt, you might find some of these features in some of the conferences.
  • But in RightFOLIO’s Conferences you will find all these features all the time. Without exception.

Corporate Communications

  • Corporates need to communicate with the market, with the society, and within their own organisations. To convey their uniqueness, their distinct identity, and the quality of their products or services corporates need a well thought out communications strategy.
  • Corporates must communicate within themselves and among different verticals. They need to converse with their stakeholders, their shareholders as well as with their large number of employees and executives. RightFOLIO assists Corporates in this task.
  • RightFOLIO designs clear communication strategies for corporates to execute these tasks.
  • RightFOLIO’s team is uniquely competent to leverage both offline traditional media as well as the new online/digital and social networking platforms and search engines. It can put together strategies to optimise the online presence to enhance a brand’s value and visibility.
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