Product and Services Market Research

Markets are dynamic. While companies are busy building their offering, their target audiences could be changing. The lifestyle preferences, buying behaviour, trends…the entire marketplace is in such a state of flux so that at times the offering is in danger of becoming either obsolete or irrelevant by the time it reaches the marketplace.

How does one handle such a situation?
By keeping a finger constantly on the pulse, so to speak, of the marketplace and the target audience one can understand the changing contours of the market place. RightFOLIO helps businesses do this through its targeted Market Research services that aim at helping clients understand the current requirement of the target audience, their buying behaviour, their preferences and the trends.

This offering encompasses

  • Structuring the Questionnaire
  • Designing the Sampling
  • Implementation
  • Data Collection
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Reporting
  • Recommending Actionables

RightFOLIO has a huge data base of information on every state and region of the country. It has experienced data scientists who can extrapolate data collected from new online/digital platforms and supplement the insights offered by the traditional methods of analysis.

Programme Evaluation

RightFOLIO undertakes a systematic evaluation of programmes and policies implemented by governments and international organisations. We also do third party evaluation of projects implemented by Non-governmental organisation with the help of funding by external agencies. We carry out Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of projects at all the different stages of their implementation: concurrently while the project is in progress, mid course evaluation, and a comprehensive evaluation at the end of the project. RightFOLIO also does field survey and collects data in order to help formulate an intervention by various governmental and non-governmental or inter-governmental agencies.

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