General Reports

•  Tourism in Andhra Pradesh
•  Quality of Services to Exporters by Banks
•  Rapid Commercialization of Indian Technologies
•  Elimination of Child Labour: Strategies & Approaches
•  Mid-term Appraisal Report On the Integrated Project for Girl Child Labour in Andhra Pradesh.
•  Child Labour in Karnataka
•  Socio-economic Conditions of Jogins and Impact of Interventions by Government and Non-Governmental Organizations
•  Child Labour in Andhra Pradesh
•  An Evaluation of District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) in Andhra Pradesh
•  Evaluation of TRYSEM Programme in Andhra Pradesh
•  An All India Public Opinion Poll on Mandir/Masjid & Mandal RservationsIssue for The Hindu

Posted Date 25-08-2018
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