Has it ever crossed your mind as to why a certain company’s logo is coloured that way? or why does Coca Cola use red so prominently in their logos and products? ..... More
Posted Date 30-11-2019
Companies over a period of time have used content marketing strategies for many purposes. Some use it to create a brand identity while some use it to position themselves as a thought leader. ..... More
Posted Date 30-11-2019
Right from ad campaigns to the company’s website, everything needs a human intervention hence leaving it completely to artificial intelligence or automation can only lead to your consumers getting detached from you. ..... More
Posted Date 30-11-2019
At a conference, not just do you get to know a few new things, you also get to interact with other like-minded professionals ..... More
Posted Date 30-11-2019
If you’ve had a great time with the brand before and are choosing them based on your experience, the brand did a great work with their user retention. If your selection is based on what you’ve heard, then that is on the basis of brand image that they have created. ..... More
Posted Date 31-10-2019
Task Mangement tools are the heart and soul of organisations. Apart from giving an idea of the status of the ongoing tasks, they also are a great way of collaborating and sharing ideas among the team members ..... More
Posted Date 27-10-2019
e-mail marketing generates $38 on an average for every $1 spent. That is an unbelievable 3800% of ROI; probably higher than any other medium ..... More
Posted Date 19-10-2019
Each of the social media platforms have got their own merits and must be used for a specific purpose by a specific industry ..... More
Posted Date 06-10-2019
Conferences are a great way to expand your horizon and understand your industry better. ..... More
Posted Date 30-09-2019
Marketing is not just about promotion but it’s about innovation and implementation of new practices according to the trends or as in the below cases we are about to see, starting of a new trend. ..... More
Posted Date 22-09-2019
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