10 Keyword Research tools to boost your traffic


Selecting the correct keyword is an extremely crucial part of content marketing. Good performance of that particular keyword can be quite beneficial for your total website and subsequently your content marketing results. Below are some tools that can help us with using our keywords better.

1. MOZ

One of the best keyword tools, Moz’s keyword explorer provides us with deep insights on areas like keyword’s search volume, alternate keywords, related searches, and keyword suggestions. It gives us every required information that we need to plan for content marketing.


A great alternative for google keyword planner, Keyword tool gives you all the data related to keyword’s monthly searches, cost per click, competition for the keyword, etc. which can help in ideate and produce our content better.


Coming up with a keyword can be a tough task. Especially when you have multiple keywords in mind. Merge keyword (as the name suggests) gives us multiple keyword suggestions based on the words you have provided by merging them.


Another tool from Google to make your life easy, Google Trends provides us location-specific keywords that are trending currently and also the past data. This helps us to formulate our content strategies better.


The most famous and widely used tool for keyword research, Google AdWords’ keyword planner helps us to check the monthly searches of the keyword, it’s competitions, similar words and the search volume on a particular date. The pinpoint accuracy of the data from AdWords is another reason why the majority of bloggers still use this as a source for keyword ideas. 


Google Correlate helps us to find the keywords by coming up with data related to keywords and their monthly/weekly search trends and performances. It also helps us to understand the location wise data in its consolidated reports.


An interesting way of finding the keywords and blog topics, Answer the public provides us with an array of keywords and their possible combinations along with the topics for creating content on. All this just with a click and without undergoing a lengthy process usually associated with keyword research. 


Keywordin helps us to come up with unique keywords and even domain names by merging the words we entered. It also provides SEO and AdWords specific keywords making our job easier.


Soolve’s dynamic interface provides us with all the data related to keyword and searches across multiple websites on a single screen. It provides our keywords search patterns and alternate searches from YouTube, Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, Bing, etc.

10. WordTracker

Wordtracker helps us to check all the keyword metrics like search volume, KEI, CPC and other crucial indicators. It also provides us with data related to keywords searches on other websites like YouTube, Amazon, etc.  It’s a rather time-saving alternative for all the keyword strategies.

Posted Date 18-05-2019
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