12 Companies Dominating Market with Their Brand Image

What’s the first name that comes into your mind when you plan of getting a new phone? What is the place that you would prefer your loved ones to be treated in case of a medical emergency? The chances are high that it didn’t much time for you to come up with a name in both the cases above. The reason for that could be that you’ve had great experiences with them in the past or that you’ve heard great stuff about them from your peers.

If you’ve had a great time with the brand before and are choosing them based on your experience, the brand did a great work with their user retention. If your selection is based on what you’ve heard, then that is on the basis of brand image that they have created.

Brand image can be explained as the overall impression that an individual has about the brand. A lot of factors like the logo, their promotional campaigns, the face of the brand, their past record, the tone of their ads etc. combine to form a brand image. Creation of brand image is a slow and steady process. It takes a long time to create an image that sets you apart from your competition. Brand image is extremely crucial in the decision-making process of your potential customer. It is what makes the customer come to you and not your rival.

Let us take a look at 12 companies that are dominating market with their brand image to understand the concept of branding better.


Founded - 25th January 1964
Founders- Bill Bowerman & Phil Knight

The global leader in sports apparel, equipment and footwear, Nike is known for its fearless and inspiring taglines. Along with its celebrity endorsements with the likes of Ronaldinho, Michael Jordan etc., Nike has been extremely successful in creating a unique brand image with its “Let’s get to work” attitude through its ads. This has made Nike a global leader in its industry and is the first name that comes to our mind when we think of sports apparel. With a brand valuation on $15.9 Billion and a tag of the most valuable sports company in the world, Nike has a lot to give credit to the brand image that its aggressive campaigns bought.

2. Apple

Founded- 1st April 1976
Founders- Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne

Perhaps the best example of brand image influencing the buyer decision, Apple is the world’s largest tech company with a valuation of over $700 Billion USD. There is no other company in the world whose product launches garner so much of attention. Product design and focus on user-friendliness are the biggest USPs of this giant. I’m pretty sure that all of us have a friend who swears by Apple products and has declared his /her lifetime loyalty for the company and its products. This is what makes Apple what it is today. The undying loyalty among its customer base is a result of years of innovation and clever marketing. How else would you explain the home button and raise to wake feature on the iPhones which although we never needed, but now can’t live without.

3. FedEx

Founded- 1971
Founder- Frederik Smith

The pioneer in courier services worldwide, FedEx is the first company to come up with overnight shipping and real-time package tracking system. These were later implemented by almost all other courier services around the world. Today, when we think courier, we think FedEx. It has been successful in connecting the world through its services worldwide. The advertising campaigns focusing primarily on speedy delivery were a huge hit and are credited in making FedEx the brand it is today.

4. Tesla Motors

Founded - July 1st 2013
Founders- Elon Musk and Martin Eberhard

The youngest company on the list, Tesla Motors has created a big name in the automobile industry despite the presence of some giants. Such has been companies overall brand image that a person associates great amount of pride in owning a Tesla product not because of the features or the looks but because of the environmentally friendly tag attached to the brand. Tesla is one of the few brands in the market today that appeals to the buyer’s conscience and at the same time provides them with top-notch products. The electrically charged supercars are the best example of this. 

5. WWF

Founded - 29th April 1961
Motto- Building a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

The only non-profit organization on the list, WWF is the largest environment conservation organization operating across 100 + countries today. WWF’s panda logo is one of the most recognized logos in the world. It has been successful in creating a brand connect with people worldwide and has successfully run many environment protection campaigns worldwide. Such is the brand image that it receives millions in the form of donations annually to carry on its conservation activities.

6. Coca Cola

Founded- May 8th 1886
Founder - John Pemberton

One of the oldest and biggest brands in the world, Coca Cola is the most famous carbonated drink in the world. Such is the brand's success that it is the market leader in 90% of the countries. Apart from numbers, Coca Cola has been successful in creating a connection with the people worldwide in forms of its campaigns like “share a coke” “holidays are coming” etc. The brand image of Coca Cola is one of the key reasons for 1.8 billion servings of the drinks being sold per day.

7. Rolls Royce


Founded - 1906
Founders - Charles Rolls & Henry Royce

In an industry flooded with competition, Rolls Royce is probably the first name that comes to one’s mind when we think of luxury cars. That is because of the cleverly crafted brand image and the exclusivity that the brand carries. Today, owning a Rolls Royce is a matter of great pride and also a dream of many. The company has often been criticized for its elitist ads however, that image created through such ads is what makes Rolls Royce what it is today.

8. Master Card

Founded - 1966
Founders- Bank Association of California

For travel junkies and explorers, there is no logo that brings a bigger sense of relief than Master Card. Imagine yourself on a trip abroad and you’re out of local currency. Suddenly you see that logo of Master Card outside the shop! Priceless right? Such has been the brand image of Master Card that despite being a payment service, it has created an emotional connect with the people worldwide. The credit of this image entirely goes to the “priceless” ad campaigns during the ’90s. Today, Master Card is accepted in 200+ countries and is second to none in terms of brand image in the financial services industry.

9. Ferrari

Founded- 13th September 1939
Founder -Enzo Ferrari

Ferrari is synonymous with sports cars today. You think of a fast car, you think Ferrari. Such was the brand’s power that it was rated as the world’s most powerful brand in 2014.  Along with the cars which are a treat to the eyes, Ferrari further consolidated its position through clever ads and also by the virtue of being the most successful team in Formula One history. Today, owning a Ferrari is a symbol of wealth, style and speed.

10. Rolex

Founded- 1905
Founders -  Hans Wilsdorf & Alfred Davis

They say a person wearing a Rolex is always having a good time. A symbol of elegance and prosperity, Rolex has managed to captivate people worldwide. We all know a certain someone who dreams of owning a Rolex someday. Known for its elegant designs and precision in watchmaking, Rolex today is an object of desire for many and is the largest luxury watch brand in the world. The brand image that Rolex has achieved today is a result of years of carefully crafted campaigns focusing on the exclusivity of the watch.

11. Red Bull

Founded - 1987
Founder-  Dietrich Mateschitz

Known for its association with extreme sports, Red Bull has strategically created a brand image through its adventurous campaigns and by conducting various motocross rallies across the world.  Who can forget the Stratosphere jump? The most extreme and unique marketing campaign ever. That is the kind of living on the edge philosophy Red Bull endorses making it a hit with the younger crowd worldwide. Right from the packaging to the motto of “Red Bull gives you wings”, the company has been successful in creating a unique position for itself among all the brands.

12. Google

Founded- September 4th 1998
Founders- Sergey Bin & Larey Page

No list talking about brands is complete without the mention of Google. Such is the success of the brand that today Google is a part of our daily conversations in a verb form. I don’t think I have to stress on how crucial internet services are today and being the leading search engine, Google is enabling almost all of the internet services to perform better providing great user experience to all. Whether one uses Google or not, it has impacted his/her life in some way or another. The impact that it had on our lives is what makes Google the brand it is today.

Posted Date 31-10-2019
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