6 Market Research Resources to Elevate Your Content

Market research is one of the most important aspects of content marketing as it gives us an idea of user persona and their needs. Statistically, it has been proven that a company that caters the best to the users is the one that succeeds in the long term. Using accurate statistics and trends can bring in a lot of credibility to the content you produce. Statistics don’t just educate the reader on the market trends but also provide them with a chance to explore markets in a more systematic way. Let us take a look at some of the market research tools that you can use to add great value to your writeups.

Think with Google

Google is not just a tool for looking up answers on our mundane questions but also a great place to find up to date data. A great way to understand the trends, Think with Google tool from the tech giant provides us with all the insights and data on all the current happenings. It also provides us with industry-specific data which can help us to create our content better. If coming up the search engine rankings is your goal, then Think with Google is a must as it publishes useful hacks and tips regularly to keep you ahead. 


What if you’re told that you can carry out your own little survey right now and get results immediately all with just a click? This is a dream for many content publishers and Pickfu helps you achieve exactly that. PickFu provides you with market insights with the help of opinion polls. It gives you immediate results on the questions that you put up on the website. People participating in the opinion polls are located in different locations that give us better insight. Along with the opinions, the respondents also give the reasons for the answers making it better for us to come up with the content.

Census Data

As the name suggests, Census data provides us an insight into all the statistics and metrics across geographical, cultural, gender parameters. This gives you a detailed idea of the user personas so that you can develop your content better. Data from the census is often considered as a mark of accuracy as the research is carried out by the governments officially and is used for the implementation of various policies. 

Labour Statistics

Labour statistics is a great way of understanding data like employment rate, productivity, payroll management, employment trends, tax statistics and so on. This gives great information to the content producers especially in the finance and commerce niche to come up with a well-documented and data backed content. The data here can also be used to prepare attractive infographics and engage the reader. 


With over 25 million + responders across the world, AYTM provides us with information curated from different platforms. You can design your survey according to your needs and get a great amount of research data, opinions and suggestions within no time. In case you don’t have enough time to do market surveys, experts at AYTM will take care of the survey and provide you with the results.

Survey Monkey

One of the most popular tools for generating public opinion, Survey Monkey is an online survey tool that helps us to collate data and statistics based on the responses. You can use it to create a survey across the industries to get the response of the professionals which can help you to extract actionable data and make sure that you receive full value from the survey. With over 16 million questions asked and answered per day, survey monkey is one of the best tools to receive data and opinions.

Posted Date 02-05-2019
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