9 Motivational Marketers We Can Learn From

Generally, marketing is associated with promotional activities surrounding a product or a service. However, if we look from a broader perspective, it can also be defined as a process of promoting oneself or implementation of an idea that turned out to be trendsetting and is widely followed today. 

Marketing is not just about promotion but it’s about innovation and implementation of new practices according to the trends or as in the below cases we are about to see, starting of a new trend.

1. Seth Godin

The modern marketing guru and an author of 2 bestsellers, Seth Godin is one of the best marketing brains we have today. An entrepreneur, author, public speaker and marketer, Seth Godin has successfully started many ventures and turned them into profit-making businesses today.  With 17 books to his credit which include the likes of “Tribes” and “Linchpin” - both international bestsellers, Seth is one of the few authors out there who caters to readers of all the ages. With books on marketing for the professionals and also books for children like “Worlds of Power”.

The prowess of Seth’s marketing genius can be ascertained by the fact that he has often used offbeat techniques like crowdfunding for books and books based on video games etc. to market his works. He is also well known for his unique marketing strategies like scavenger hunts and contests for promoting his companies.


2. Walt Disney

Media mogul, animator, entrepreneur, are just some of the ways to define Walt Disney. Disney today is a part of almost every top marketer's list ever made as he was the one who laid the foundation for animated content which is usually perceived to be children specific content into a multi-billion dollar industry.  

A shy person by nature, Disney is often credited with path-breaking techniques for marketing which are widely followed across the world. Merchandise marketing, television marketing, etc. are some of the techniques Disney came up with way back in the 1950s. They say marketing is a continuous process and going by the same theory, Walt Disney developed Disney into a billion-dollar corporation operating across movie industry, amusement parks, animated content, broadcast service, etc.



3. Steve Jobs

Another name that regularly comes up when we think of marketing, Steve Jobs is often considered as the father of modern marketing. Not just through his products, Jobs also created a distinct brand image for himself through his product demos and black turtlenecks.

The tag line of “think different” was exactly the lines he lived by and made sure that the products of Apple reflected the same. 

It’s often said that it’s the uniqueness along with the user-friendliness of the products that made Apple. Inc what it is today and not its features. It’s Job’s who is often credited with bringing the “unique” image to the product. It is only through the aggressive marketing practices of Jobs, Apple. Inc became the biggest technological enterprise in the world today. The best example supporting this could be the fact that Jobs was perhaps the only CEO who was not just running the operations but he was the face of the brand.


4. Henry Ford

Another success story driven by innovation, Henry Ford started his life as a watch repairman moving on to repairing steam engines and evolving into an entrepreneur who provided affordable cars to the middle class. Although he didn’t invent the assembly line method for production, Ford made such extensive use of the method that he is often attributed to bringing the technique into the production practices all around the world. 

It was his passion towards providing the cars for the general public that made him come up with cost-cutting techniques which made Ford extremely popular among the masses. Ford made great use of marketing and advertising techniques like flyers and banners that made Ford Motor Company the number one automobile company in the USA. Ford is also known for using the franchise method which not just helped in simplifying the business but it helped a great deal in marketing.



5. Guy Kawasaki

Proven track record with companies like Apple, Google, Motorola to name a few,  Guy Kawasaki has a quite an enviable portfolio. Guy Kawasaki is credited with coining and popularizing the term evangelist across marketing and technology industries. Such is his repute that today when top companies think of marketing, Guy Kawasaki is the first name to come up. 

A prolific author and a marketing genius, Guy is often referred to as “Guy with Midas touch” as companies like ticket leap,, Evernote and dozens of others are lined up today use his advisory services. Guy Kawasaki is also the brand ambassador of Mercedez Benz USA and that serves as the biggest testimonial to Guy’s marketing prowess.


6. David Ogilvy

Fondly referred as the father of advertising, David Ogilvy started a small advertisement company with 2 staff members and no clients in 1948 which today is called Ogilvy & Mathers - one of the biggest advertising corporations in the world. David Ogilvy was the brains behind producing advertisement copies for companies like Dove, Rolls Royce, etc. which played a key role in establishing his company as leaders in the industry with 450 offices in 169 cities.

Known for understanding audiences pulse the best, David Ogilvy often spent a lot of time researching consumer behavior and it’s patterns. David Ogilvy is often credited with pioneering persona-based marketing. He firmly believed that successful advertising of any product is based on information about the consumer.


7. Grant Cardone

Rated as No.1 marketer to watch in 2017 by Forbes, Grant Cardone is a sales training and marketing expert by profession. Thousands of small companies and Fortune 500 companies have taken up the advisory services of Grant to boost their sales to good effect. Grant also runs Grant Cardone Sales Training University and Grant Cardone on- Demand Automotive Sales Training as a part of his training program.

Grant also is a real estate tycoon and a social media expert and is active on almost all social media platforms.  His straight shooter attitude and goal-oriented thinking have made him a favorite among corporations and individuals worldwide. As someone who got out of rehabilitation center at the age of 25 to be what he is today, Grant has seen the ups and downs in his career and that’s what pulls companies to him



8. Gary Vaynerchuk

A serial entrepreneur and 4 times New York Times bestselling author, Gary Vaynerchuck is also one of the leading digital marketer and social media pioneers today. Gary is also a famous wine critic who grew his family’s $3 million to $60 million in a very short span of time by starting an e-commerce store for the business in the 90s. 

Known for his marketing acumen, Gary serves as an investor to companies like Uber, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter to name a few. Also, being an advisor and investor, Gary also runs a social media agency named VaynerMedia where he advises some of the biggest names in the industry on social media branding and strategies.


9. Conrad Gessner

The only non marketer or entrepreneur on the list, Conrad Gessner was a Swiss botanist who is revered today as the “father of viral marketing”. Yes! you read it right. Long before the internet or even computers even existed.

Conrad created huge hype for tulips through just a lyrical. 

Tulip at that time was not as popular today. On reading the lyrical, great curiosity was created among the people and a single bulb of Tulip was being sold for what is millions today. Today, the same concept is being applied by marketers to sell their products quicker and they have Conrad to thank for the concept of viral marketing.


Posted Date 22-09-2019
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