9 Task Management Tools Used by Fortune 500 Companies

Task Mangement tools are the heart and soul of organisations. Apart from giving an idea of the status of the ongoing tasks, they also are a great way of collaborating and sharing ideas among the team members. Today, apart from just listing down the tasks, these tools also serve the purpose of planning, delegating of work and creating a process flow of the content to be produced.  Below are some of the best task management tools that are being used by some of the Fortune 500 companies.

Undoubtedly the most famous and the most basic one of the lot, Google Docs is still a favourite for some of the biggest corporations because of the ease in using it. A document editor which is free and easy to use, it has all the necessary functions to create and edit documents. You can track content, publication dates, team member assignments and tasks assigned. It is a cloud-based service, and there is no need to create backups and store data locally.

•    It allows you to share the documents with people of your choice and you can have control of the changes made in the document.
•    It suits best for small and medium companies.
•    It is free of cost.
•    The autosave feature allows you to work stress-free.
•    It allows multiple users to access the same file at once.
•    You need an employee to keep your document up-to-date and accurate.
•    It is comparatively slow and sluggish
•    It is not suited for high-quality print output
•    It is a web-based service hence any internet problem can hinder your progress.

2.    PODIO
Podio provides strong collaboration platform which is ideal for small and medium companies that involve a lot of teamwork in their projects. This software has social stream activity features like shares, comments, likes, and status updates. Podio is ideal for new users as it looks similar to social networking mediums. This tool is beneficial for the teams having external members and temporary employees as there are multiple options to restrict controls.

Key Users- Volvo, Delloite, Sony.

•    It focuses on collaboration along with providing project management platform.
•    Works great on mobile and users’ social media channels.
•    It has many features like CRM, sales ticketing, content sharing and video chat.
•    It lacks features like activity dashboard, assignment management, tracking and goal setting.
•    Although it is free of cost for smaller teams, you will be charged once the members cross a certain threshold.

3.    Kapost
Kapost is the widely used editorial calendar tools by many big corporations. You can track your content marketing strategy implementation and social distribution. This is an ideal tool for the companies that produce a large volume of content. It provides a platform where you can brainstorm content ideas, organise writers, distribute your content, run the content production process, promote the content, and measure results.  Kapost handles tweets, videos and eBooks even though it is primarily designed to handle text-based content.

Key Users: Lenovo, IBM , AT&T

•    It has a solution for all stages of content i.e., from content inception to analytics.
•    With it, you can handle large volumes of content easily.
•     Smooth and easy user interface.

•    Sales performance analytics feature is not available in this tool.
•    Integration of automation systems and email marketing systems is complicated.
•    The feature of payment for outsourced writers is not user-friendly.
•    It is costly with a minimum price of $3500 monthly.
Smartsheet is a lesser known software, but it provides a good collaboration platform with personal messaging capabilities. The beauty of this software is that it blends collaboration with time management. Using this feature, you can check the workflow in the team or company. 

Key Users- Netflix, Groupon, Hilton 

•    You can track metrics in this software
•    You can set alerts and custom fields.
•    You can automate workflow.

•    Its reporting features look old fashioned.
•    There is no graph function feature.
•    Editing sheets, when linked to other sheets, causes errors in links.

5.    Wordpress Editorial Calendar

Wordpress is a content management system (CMS), and you can download its editorial calendar extension for free. You can organise content ideas in the calendar form by scheduling the work. It provides a feature to enter editing page just by clicking on the calendar.

•    It is ideal for small companies
•    You can drag and drop your posts easily for managing the publishing schedule.
•    You can quickly edit content.
•    You can manage multiple authors for a post.
•    It's free of cost.
•    The tracking and social media-related features are limited.
Basecamp provides a high-quality visual experience to its users; it is collaborative and simple. It is ideal for small businesses and also for the large enterprises having project management requirements. It employs colour-coding in folders making its file management highly visual. The home screen also looks highly visual, making it easy for the user to follow their tasks.

•    Simple design and user-friendly interface
•    Collaborative tools
•    Autosaving option
•    It provides good customer support for its users

•    It is non-customisable.
•    No Built-In time tracking.
•    Limited features.
7.    SocialCast
Socialcast is considered as one of the most innovative task management tools. It is developed by VMWare’s “enterprise social media network”. With SocialCast, you can easily assign tasks and can track their progress. It provides a smooth platform for collaboration of your teamwork and communicating with team members. This product allows you to communicate easily with your teammates and helps in exchanging files that are of big size quite easily. 

Key Users: Philips, Siemens, 3M

•    Provides excellent collaboration platform
•    Low Price
•    Provides excellent and easy to use user interface
•    Integrating with any platform is easy.

•    Less customizable
•    Functionality dips when accessed from the phone.
8.    TRELLO
Trello is known for its simplicity and streamlined communication system. It provides a drag-and-drop mechanism for organising, filtering and adjusting data. You can assign tasks automatically to all of your teams. By using this tool you can divide your team into boards and cards. It provides data storage feature, and the stored data can be retrieved at any point of time. 

Key Users- Pixar, Adobe, National Geographic

•    Its interface is user-friendly
•    Real-time updates
•    A free version is available

•    Customization of notification schedules feature is not given.
•    Calendar option isn’t available

Asana is probably the best and most popular of the task management tools out there. It has unique and top-notch functionalities for collaboration and project management. It helps in ensuring efficient and timely delivery of tasks. The dashboards are user-friendly. Asana provides a dedicated inbox that creates a platform for clients, employees, and external partners to have an overview of the development of their projects. 

Key Users- Intel, Pinterest, Samsung, Nasa

•    Clear interface
•    High-end communication tools
•    Free for small teams

•    It takes time for the new user to understand it.
•    There is no option to prioritise tasks.

Task management of late has been made extremely easy thanks to the above tools. Today, enterprises are able to measure their employees’ productivity quite easily using some of these. As per your team’s need, size and budget, you can go for a tool that suits you the best. Happy tracking!

Posted Date 27-10-2019
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