Anatomy of an Ideal Content Marketing Team

It has been often observed that despite the abundance of resources and great skilled workforce, content strategies of organizations irrespective of their scale, fail. This happens even after identifying the targeted audience and creating a valuable and interesting piece of content. In such cases, it’s not always the fault of strategy. But, most of the times the fault lies with the organizational structure and team compositions. Hence it is very crucial to have a perfect balance of the teams - irrespective of their sizes.

              “Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company                              work, a society work, a civilization work” 
                                                                                                      -     Vince Lombardi


The team structure primarily depends on the size of your company, marketing team and your budget. For a micro scale business, one person who can handle multiple content marketing roles such as content creation, social media management, audience acquisition, lead generation and converting them to customers is enough. For mid and large-scale business organizations as the scale is bigger, right from the creation to the final stage of publishing it should ideally have a specified role cut out for every stage of the process. Let’s run through some of the key positions in a content marketing team.

Content Strategists
The primary role of content strategists is to set a stage perfectly for content marketing operations. He/she has to help the entire team in understanding your audience, the topics to cover and metrics to measure the success. Along with that, it’s their responsibility to direct the team to execute the plan perfectly that is framed. They need to audit the content produced and marketed by the team. They have to focus on the audience, related topics and must determine the best channels to connect with your customers. Depending on the team size, they can be given pre-production research works and editorial strategy tasks.

Content Writers

Content writers are the main force behind a content team. They should know the magic of storytelling and should be your brand voice. They should have some familiarity with the business model and should be able to write impressive content. Before hiring, you should be clear whether you need a generalist or a specialist for your business. As good writing skills develop over the years, it is better to hire writers with good writing skills and introduce them to business or technology that you are using.

Editors / Managing Editors

Editing own work is not a good idea and even best of the writers should get their works edited by others. An editor is the one who polishes the content written by others to make it even better. They use their eagle eyes to bring across any changes that might enhance the copy. They must have the capability to write content, edit and proofread the developed content. If needed, they have to conduct interviews to select content writers for the content marketing team. They must also manage workflows and editorial calendars.

Multimedia Creators
It is already an established fact that mere words sometimes don’t always make the desired impact. We need something that is visually appealing along with content. Creative minds with expertise in multimedia tools and creations will best suit this position. They should be able to create lively infographics, videocasts, widgets, webcasts and data sheets. They need to beautify the content and should be able to fit the maximum information in the multimedia they create.

Social Media Strategist
The power of social media is something that can’t be overlooked.  Just for a sample take the statistics of two of the most famous social media websites into account. As per the recent statistics, Facebook currently has 2 billion + monthly active users and Twitter currently has 319 million + active monthly users. This is proof enough of reach of social media and this is where a social media strategist comes into the picture. A social media strategist plays a key role in customizing the final content before going to the target audience. They should have in-depth knowledge on different social media platforms and they must know which tactics work better for a particular platform. They must be highly skilled at promoting content, interacting with various communities and to build authentic brand relationships. They should be updating their skills to stay updated with the changing trends of social media platforms.

SEO Analysts
SEO experts play a key role in making your content search engine friendly which in turn increases your web traffic. They will inform you about what’s working, what’s not working, and how the content should be optimized for better results. Their insights also help the content team win writing SEO friendly copies.

Data Scientist
Statistics show that a company having the primary data and people to analyze and strategize based on data perform much better than the ones who don’t. Data scientists will keep you at the forefront of data and they can find original primary data about your industry. For this position, aspirants must have analytical and creative approach in solving problems. Experience with data analysis softwares, programming languages, and SQL are the added advantages for the ideal guy. No wonder businesses are investing a lot more into getting in a skilled data scientist into their team.

Coordination between various teams is very important for any organization or team to be successful. Coordinators who undertake this task must be organized as well as creative in maintaining team relationships and quality of work. They should scale your content and coordinate all the team members including freelancers for smooth flow of work.


Posted Date 14-07-2019
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