Brand yourself using Artificial Intelligence

Over the last few years branding has evolved just like any other area of business. While technology has a large role to play in it, the drastic change in the consumer’s expectations has also altered the way businesses craft their branding strategies. It cannot be denied that branding needs a personal touch. Right from ad campaigns to the company’s website, everything needs a human intervention hence leaving it completely to artificial intelligence or automation can only lead to your consumers getting detached from you. However, there are certain areas where Artificial Intelligence has done wonders in branding and the trend of using AI for connecting better with the consumers is on a rise. Some of these areas are:

Hiring and creating a greater company culture
Branding is not just limited to what we show to people. A brand also needs to stay true to its image. For example, Wendy’s fast food which is one of the most popular accounts on Twitter and Tumblr and known for its witty content doesn’t hire people who display similar qualities, then a sense of connect with the clients might not exist. Now, in no way am I saying that every employee of a company needs to have exactly same traits as that of company’s public image but, there needs to be some sync in the employee and the company’s personalities. 

While hiring, it might be impossible for the recruiters regardless of their experience to gauge these intricacies. 52% of talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool. However, with the onset of tools and B2B services like Zapper and many more it has become easier to screen a candidate. These tools screen the entire resume can conduct an online background check, frame customised questionnaires for each of the candidates and even provide feedback that is relevant to them. These softwares have made it easier to conduct the hiring process and are more efficient and accurate than any other systems.

Connect with the target audience better
Creating a strong connection and making the audience empathise and support you is the heart of any branding exercise. Regardless of your content, if you are targeting the wrong set of consumers for your exercise, you might not get results as expected. Marketing and sales teams all overturn to audience analytics to get an understanding of the target. However, in a lot of cases failing to measure the appropriate niches and focussing on the wrong data points results in major blunders which not many companies can afford to handle. 
Artificial Intelligence helps marketers understand tons of consumer data with ease. This gives the teams a better understanding of consumer behaviour. A majority of companies are turning towards Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to drive sales.  As per a study by Martech Advisor, CRM systems can increase the revenue by 49 %. Gone are the days of handling the consumer data manually or in form of excel sheets. More companies are depending on the data analytics and insights provided by CRM tools such as ZOHO, Salesforce, Pipedrive etc to understand the market and consumers better. A salesman is the best representative of your brand and having a better understanding of the brand can only lead to better connect with the prospect and in return, result in sales.

Develop connect with customers online

A tricky subject, but a lot of companies are turning to Artificial Intelligence to resolve consumer issues. As much as physical presence matters, today online presence is what is shaping brands future. Using interactive mediums such as Hello Bar, Casper etc. more companies are trying to resolve the issues and are reducing the average handling time on each issue substantially. Now anyone who has worked in customer service will definitely tell you how much of impact average handling time has on revenue. 

Artificial Intelligence systems through its ability to read terabytes of historical data are able to come up with templates that are suitable for each of the responses. Now a lot of us might want to talk to a real person if there is a bigger issue such as with large payment being stuck online or technical errors. However, for smaller queries, a lot of us are lazy to pick up a phone and dial the customer service. Here, We still prefer the convenience of apps where chatbots are ready to resolve little issues in less than a couple of minutes. 

Posted Date 30-11-2019
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