Here’s Why You Should be Using Chatbots

Automation is one of the most misunderstood terms in today’s age. A number of people dread automation by quoting job loss as a reason. However, what many miss out on is that automation, in a lot of ways helps the organisations to save a lot of time by taking care of repetitive and mundane tasks, resulting in higher process efficiency. 

Chatbots are perhaps one of the best examples of the same. They simplify the process of interacting with your website’s visitors and ensure that you have all the necessary information without deploying an agent to do the same thing again and again. All this process takes is a bit of programming and customising the bots to as per your requirements. 

A chatbot, if used to its best potential, can save you tonnes of manpower and other resources and perform the job to your utmost satisfaction. Based on your business needs you may opt for either simple chatbots or smart AI-powered chatbots. 

A simple chatbot would respond to queries and instructions based on pre-programmed statements whereas a smart chatbot is equipped to answer any questions even if they are ambiguous. They use natural language progression to create answers from scratch and learn new commands and situations with time. 

All the businesses are not in a position to hire someone round the clock to assist the customers with queries. This is where chatbots come in and resolve the resources issue perfectly. As per a survey by Business Insider, by 2020, 85% of B2C companies would get chatbots in some form or the other to smoothen their operations. 

Today, a lot of companies are using chatbots to assist customers in some form or other. A number of e-commerce websites are using the bots to perfection resulting in higher consumer satisfaction and accuracy. Automobile companies are using AI chatbots extensively and are helping the prospects to customise the vehicle looks, specifications, and colours. This is saving a lot of time and resources for both the company as well as customers and is speeding up the buying process. 

Better customer service is one of the topmost goals for any enterprise and Chatbots are assisting them in the same quite efficiently. From decreasing the response time to increase engagement and ROI, chatbots are doing everything that a company needs without burning a hole in their pocket. Although it has been argued that chatbots have their own limitations and cannot provide that human touch to the conversations, with refined programming and proper implementation, chatbots are achieving great success and are definitely here to stay. 

Posted Date 19-03-2019
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