How to write a newsletter to engage leads

Newsletter is one of the most favoured form of marketing for both B2B as well as B2C companies. According to a survey by HUBSPOT, e-mail marketing generates $38 on an average for every $1 spent. That is an unbelievable 3800% ROI; probably higher than any other medium. 

Having a Newsletter is one thing and effectively using it to promote one’s business is another. The later is where most of the businesses face a roadblock. A newsletter should not just be a branding medium, but also a tool which fosters a relationship with the consumers. 

Here are some ways you can grab the attention of and convert the leads that you earned with great difficulty. 


How the subscriber responds to your marketing efforts depends a lot on how he/she ended up on your subscriber’s list. One of the best ways to do it is by providing value or a deal to the subscriber to sign up for your deal. A number of e-commerce companies and other B2C organisations are using this method to great results. The newsletters in these cases contain great deals and curated content to provide great value to the subscribers.  

Get them to open your mail

One of the biggest challenges in E-mail marketing is getting the subscribers to open your mail. The open rate will be at its lowest if the same mail is going to all of your subscribers. Apart from interesting content, what will drive a user to open your mail is if it is directly addressed to him rather than the usual ‘ Dear Subscriber’ or ‘Dear Customer’. These are the biggest put offs for any individual. People receive a number of e-mails every day, make your mail stand out of those promotional ones.

Another sure-shot way of getting the open rate high is having a bold and catchy subject line. A subject is the first thing anyone notices first and if you have got a catchy subject then chances of them opening and reading your message body increases. 

Avoid Clickbait

True! you need visitors to your website but having them visit your website by making a false promise isn’t the wisest of options. By doing so, you may lose out on a subscriber or worse, a customer.

It is extremely important to grab the attention of the subscriber once he opens the mail. Try using a powerful hook at the beginning of your mail. Make a bold statement, use an interesting quote, do something to grab their attention, but remember, no false claims or clickbait!

Call to Action

Let's assume that in this particular newsletter, you are trying to get the reader to take a survey, then get the survey link right where they can see on the newsletter!  Don’t make the mistake of linking the newsletter to the landing page and try to redirect the user there. If your end goal is to survey, try minimising the effort of the user to get the job done. It might sound simple, but a lot of newsletters get this thing wrong by either not having a ‘Call to action’ button in the newsletter or having it, but not keeping it prominent enough. 

Visuals help!

Visuals help a user connect with the content much better! 40% of users respond better to visual content and they produce 3X better results. 

Having a demo video instead of a step by step process written down, getting an infographic instead of a table and having an image with a call to action button are just some of the popular methods of achieving your goals. 

A newsletter’s success is determined by multiple factors. The above mentioned methods are being followed by some of the most successful marketers and its about time you try them out.  

Posted Date 19-10-2019
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