Is your content marketing strategy working for you?


Often, we come across stuff like “content is the king”, “It’s the content that drives the business” and so on. A content or a message if not conveyed in an appropriate manner can put a serious dent in the company’s fortunes and that’s the reason industries today are focusing more on developing quality content for their content marketing strategies. 

 About 53% of companies today are focusing on maintaining blogs with creative and informative content for marketing their products and services and many others are picking up on this trend. Content creation has become an important tool for increasing organic traffic, rankings, of the websites. However, the main aim of creating content must be lead generation and eventually expanding the customer base. 

You need to understand the sales cycle to create effective content, and your content strategy should be focusing on each step of the sales cycle. Along with that, your content should also focus on creating awareness and educating the users. In order to do so and develop quality content, we have to understand the kind of people that access your content.

Well researched informative content related to your service or products will give a clear picture to your audience why your product or services are one of the best choices in the market. Content that reaches the potential leads should be well crafted and something that builds trust and promotes your products or services and propels them to purchase them. For your customers, the content should interact and must provide good in-depth information about the market that creates interest among them.
 Below are some of the parameters which every piece of content regardless of its length and form must have:

1. Attractive
Let’s face it. Looks sell! The more attractive your content is, the more are the chances of it grabbing the eyeballs. It’s often observed that a lot of quality content gets unnoticed because it did not have the pulling prowess in it. Try to make your content as attractive as possible with the help of images, infographics, and other media files wherever possible.

2 Easy Consumption
It’s important that your user understands what you’re trying to convey through your content. If not, all your efforts could go in vain. Make sure that you use the correct font size, colour patterns that are easy on the eye and most importantly simple vocabulary. For example, I’m aware of my limited public speaking skills and would want to improve it. conveys the same meaning as I am cognizant of my limited oratory skills on stage and would like to ameliorate the same. So why unnecessarily confuse the reader in a bid to show off your vocabulary?

 3. Informative
  Always make sure that your content adds a certain value to your user. Make sure that there are enough takeaways from what he just read or watched. At the end of the day, if the user didn’t gain anything and just wasted his time, the chances are extremely low that he would come back to you.

4. Credible
 Now, this is a real challenge as your credibility is something that can’t be built overnight and you have to be consistent and persistent along with quality to build a credible brand image. Make sure that you are updating yourself with the advancements in your field. Keep an eye on all the updates and build a strong knowledge base. Always remember. All the products that are industry leaders became so only with the help of consistent quality.

5. Product Awareness

It’s your responsibility as a content creator to make sure that your product is the focal point of your work. That does not mean that a regular visitor to your website should be bombarded with your product ads. Make sure your marketing is subtle and is not at all intrusive in nature. Remember! Everyone likes a helping hand but nobody likes a hand that’s trying to suffocate you by choking with the ads.

Another important aspect that most of the businesses seem to ignore is the customisation of the content. Your website or blog is being visited by scores of visitors. Each one has a separate set of expectations from your content. It is, therefore, your responsibility to make sure that your content is catering to all needs.

Posted Date 28-08-2019
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