The art of headhunting

One of the most common challenges that a recruiter faces is the lack of domain-specific knowledge. For example: If you are hiring an IT employee, you need to have knowledge on tech happenings around the world which isn’t a cake walk.

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Let’s have a look at things a recruiter should know about to up his game in recruitment:

Join a social group
One of the best and easiest way to learn is by reaching out to domain-specific groups online. Make your way through the right social group be it on LinkedIn, Facebook or any other popular sites. Joining such groups give you exposure to all the latest updates in that specific field. You would also get in touch with many candidates who are looking for specific jobs in their domain. This makes your work easier.

Learn from candidates
There are times when a recruiter has no knowledge about a specific domain, like for instance technology. During such times have the candidate explain it to you. If the candidate can explain the role clearly, there are good chances that this candidate has the ability to knock the socks off the hiring manager as well. 
Take help
It is always useful to take somebody’s help when required. In this case from a subject matter expert for a specific domain. Ask and learn everything from them well enough to not forget it for a long time. There are domain specific jargons that a recruiter should be aware of, have a thorough understanding of all the jargons required. Usually, recruiters tend to learn with time so the longer you spend in learning the easier your job gets.

Video tutorials
In 2018, “how to” was one of the most searched keywords on google. These searches led the user to YouTube which gives video tutorials for all your knowledge specific needs. These videos are valuable assets to recruiters who can learn a lot of things watching videos in under 1 hour. Search for those exhausting IT recruitment terms on YouTube and train how you can fill those empty chairs for your clients.

Explore new horizons
After spending considerable time in a specific niche, you get comfortable with that domain. You master the art of recruiting for that specific niche. It is always good to master a specific skill set, however, in the art of recruiting you need to get out of your comfort zone and continue to gain knowledge in other fields. This keeps your options open to new and better opportunities. You basically must be a jack of all trades.

Sales skills
The art of headhunting is more about your selling skills than anything else and if you haven’t figured that out yet than you aren’t doing recruitment right. Recruiters need to sell their clients to the candidates and convince the clients on how the specific position is a perfect fit for his/her skillset. This comes naturally to people who are in sales. So along with all the other trades you also need to be good at sales.

Know them first
If you are one of those recruiters who pulls out candidates out of an old repository and reads a script like a parrot you are not recruiting the right way. Recruiting is all about knowing your candidates beforehand. With professional social media platforms like LinkedIn at your disposal, knowing prospective candidates has become all that much easier. This approach leads to a win-win situation for both the candidate and the client. 

Your job as a recruiter doesn’t end after recruiting the right candidate. Once you place a candidate, you should make sure you follow-up with them so that they never forget you. This helps you build a strong circle where your candidate refers you to other candidates who could be looking for a job. In most cases, candidates don’t seem to give them the kind of attention one must to a recruiter if you do not follow-up with them. Strong follow-ups are the only way to build on the required rapport with the candidates and be a great IT recruiter for most parts.

The bigger picture
When you call a candidate, who is not the right fit for a position, do not just hang up the phone. The candidate won’t be jobless his entire life. As a recruiter, you should always look at the bigger picture. If you have a good candidate you will always have a relevant opening for him, if not today, some other day. To be a good recruiter you should always have your own directory to fit the right candidate in their apt roles.

So here you have all the tips that you might need to know to ace the recruiting game. You will master the skill with experience. It’s not going to be easy, or something that you can do overnight. It is a process that needs to become a habit for you to call yourself a Rockstar headhunter.

Posted Date 20-11-2018
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