Tools to make your Social Media Management Easier

Social media is one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing. Today, businesses are trying their best to market their products through this medium. Digital marketers are paying special attention to social media due to the potential marketing opportunities. In such a scenario it is extremely important to invest both your time and money on social media effectively to get the best results. Below are some social media tools which will help you analyse, understand and use social media platforms for best results.


One of the most famous tools used by marketers word wide, BuzzSumo provides with all the data relating to trending topics, competitor’s keywords, all the social media statistics, share count and so on. It also provides us with date wise data making it very easy to formulate social media strategies.


Today sharing has become one of the most effective methods of marketing. Shared count helps us to keep a track of all the shares of the posts as well as URLs across various platforms to help us calculate the progress. Shared count receives the data of the shares directly from the websites it has been shared to so the accuracy is not at all an issue.



HootSuite helps you to manage all your social media and their activities in one place. Its dashboard helps you to access all the accounts at a go and helps you in moderating the content and making sure that you keep a track of all the shares, comments, mentions, etc in a better manner by saving your time.


Social Metrics is a WordPress plugin that helps us to track the social media accounts and their shares, likes, and performances. It gives an insight into the top performing posts. It also provides us with spreadsheets which provide us with data. 


One of the most famous social media tools for digital marketers, Buffer helps to schedule when to post on social media accounts. Its dashboard provides us with easy access to social media accounts at one place and schedule their uploads and postings simultaneously or at different times.


Sprout Social is a social media software that provides us with statistics and data of our social media posts. It provides us with the metrics of the best performing posts, recommendations on improving the social media strategy and analytics and custom reports as per our requirements. Along with the above, it also helps us to schedule our social media posts helping us to maximise the engagement activities.


Post planner is a social media recommendation tool that helps us to come up with strategies for improving social media performance. Its customized algorithms help us to create content that is more engaging and also predicts future engagement from our users.


Social clout is a social media analytics software that helps us with various activities of content marketing on social media like keyword generation, customized reports, identifying the major influencers and informing us about the demographics of the users. It also helps us in analysing our competitor’s techniques to make sure that you are well prepared.


It is a known fact that infographics and attractive pictures in your content help you to stand out of the crowd. Canva helps you in doing exactly that. Without the help of any designers, you can develop and edit great pictures, logos and infographics to enhance your content.

Posted Date 04-06-2019
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