What is Content Marketing?

Companies over a period of time have used content marketing strategies for many purposes. Some use it to create a brand identity while some use it to position themselves as a thought leader.  But, the most important and common purpose is to win customers and make sales. The other important objectives of content marketing are building a brand, increasing brand awareness, generating leads and converting them to customers. Post that, customer engagement, retention, sales, upselling, etc are some of the other key areas of the process. 

When you closely look at the above objectives, they are quite similar to the goals and objectives of traditional marketing; the question that arises now is ‘why content marketing?’ The answer is simple, traditional methods will not always assist in achieving the overall needs of the businesses. The non-contemporary forms of marketing are slowly becoming obsolete. So, content marketing has become an alternative that aims to bring customers by providing them with interesting content. 

How should the content be?

This is the first and foremost requirement for all types of content. It is the thing that draws the line between good and bad. Quality driven content is what drives value. Time and again a great stress has been put on how important it is to maintain great quality in your overall content. It’s quality along with user-friendliness that generates the overall value for the user. This kind of content will promote more awareness and value to your product.


Traditionally companies have been using content strategies like video messages, publishing bulletins for decades. However, content marketing is a more dynamic form of marketing when compared to the traditional ones, it has become equally challenging and interesting to have a strategy that can boost your product’s performance. One of the biggest arguments in favour of content marketing is that there is more user involvement. This advantage can quickly turn out to be a drawback if the product is not satisfactory. 
Hence from the initial stages of content creation strategy, additional care must be taken regarding the product and how it’s going to be received. Our strategy must focus on efficient and economical ways to create awareness about your brand and products. Engage in a long term association with the targeted audience. Often it has been observed that despite content marketing being a more pocket-friendly method, companies end up spending a fortune on it and incur losses. Try to keep it basic with quality content being chalked out regularly.

It is essential to have a defined plan and settle on a designed format for your articles, which are; blog posts, press releases, case studies, images, videos, webinars, etc. you should wisely choose which format is effective for your business. For this, you should have a good understanding of the scope of various content formats available. 

How to measure success?- The Metrics for Content Marketing

 The success of your content marketing can be measured by using various parameters of which the important ones are consumption metrics that measures the rate and quantity of your content consumption; sharing metrics like who, how, where and how often your content is being shared. Other priority metrics are lead metrics which measures how your content is helping in lead generation and nurturing and sales metrics which measures the revenue generation. Other metrics like retention (subscription) metrics, engagement metrics, production metrics, cost metrics are also extremely useful to understand how your content strategy is working.
Content marketing is the present and the future of digital marketing and placing the right content marketing strategy will enable improved successes. Businesses must conduct extensive research to create a content marketing strategy that perfectly matches with their goals and interest. The essence of content marketing is to educate and to develop a privileged relationship with the targeted audiences, which in turn builds brand awareness and loyalty. To be relevant for your audience and to win their trust and admiration the content developed should be based on their persona. Various channels can be used to find the interests and pulse of your audience. The quality and success of content marketing should be checked by using various metrics. This helps in redefining your content or strategy to match the goals of your company.

Posted Date 30-11-2019
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