RightFOLIO has comprehensive data on each and every Assembly and Lok Sabha constituency in India, barring a few in the Northeastern states. Data collection on the political, economic and social profile of Lok Sabha and Assembly constituencies is a continuous and ongoing process at RightFOLIO. It undertakes a comprehensive analysis of a constituency with the help of the latest tools of Data Science. On the basis of the findings of the study, we provide a complete strategic consultancy for a candidate till the polling date.

The analysis yields the insights like the constituency profiling, its composition in terms of income groups, social groups, educational profile of the voters, past voting record, etc. The consultancy also includes a SWOT analysis of the various candidates. A clear picture of which party/candidate is strong in which demographic and geographic segments and why is worked out by us.

On the basis of the study, we craft a central communication theme for the campaign, its execution in various media platforms, the designing of the communication material, preparation of press releases, media briefs, production of footage for the television channels, making of short films that reach the message to the voters, organising media relations, bringing in continuous feedback with the help of a scientifically designed and executed survey.

Opinion Polling

Opinion Polling – Evaluation Studies – Election Surveys

RightFOLIO has over two decades of experience in conducting Opinion Polling, Evaluation Studies and Pre-Election Surveys.
From time to it is necessary for governments, Non-Government Organisations, Media Houses to find out what exactly is the view of the people on issues that are important at a given point of time. Sometimes, it is also important to find out what issues are exercising the people at a given point of time. To understand both these it is necessary to undertake a scientific study of the public’s opinion. RightFOLIO undertakes these studies with the help of both traditional sources of information and data as well as the new platforms and search engines.

RightFOLIO has proven capability to design a poll, execute it by canvassing a questionnaire and analyse the data to assess the public mood.

Election Studies

Since 1996, our team has been undertaking the study of trends in Indian elections. We have done several studies for media houses, political parties, and individual candidates. We have carried out studies in various states of the country for both local Assembly elections as well as Parliament elections. Our accuracy rate is over 90%.

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