Andhra Pradesh Voters Pulse 2019
Are people happy with Chandrababu?
Chandrababu, Jagan or Pawan, who should become the next CM?
Modi or Rahul? RightFOLIO finds out.
Will Jagan succeed this time?
Will AP Vote for Pawan Kalyan?
What do people think about special status for Andhra Pradesh
Babu, Jagan or Pawan, who is the better choice and why?
Whom will the Andhra Pradesh youth vote for?
Who will you vote out of Chandrababu, Jagan and Pawan?
What impact will Rafale have over AP Elections
RightFOLIO's journey from Mylavaram to Srikakulam
Krishna and Guntur voters tell who is the better of Babu, Jagan and Pawan
Modi and Rahul, who is better of the two? RightFOLIO finds out from Krishna & Guntur voters.
Nellore and Prakasam voters share opinion on next AP CM
Rahul or Modi, who will be the next PM?
Who will Rayalaseema voters vote for?
Godavari voters talk about their choice of next AP CM
This Common Man from Nandyal has an interesting take on the upcoming elections in AP
Uttarandhra voters talk about their choice of next AP CM
Who is the next CM? RightFOLIO finds out from Prakasam voters.
Ongole Voters Talk About Their Choice of Next PM
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